Winter is Here. Are You Ready for the Season?

It is December, the last month of the year 2020. Winter has naturally arrived with its beauty. Now the air seems colder, sometimes it seems biting. But still, we love winter as it offers us a lot from its kitty. To enjoy the very season to the fullest, we can follow a few basic but effective tips. Let us check them out in brief.

Drink Water

Due to the cold weather, we don’t feel that thirsty in winter. But our body craves water. To prevent dehydration and to flush out harmful toxins from the body, we should have the proper amount of water that we usually have for the whole of the year.

Apply Sunscreen

Sun and its rays seem lighter in winter. But they keep on doing their work. So, if you think the weather is cold and you can go out without applying sunscreen lotion on your face, you are thinking wrong. Sunscreen lotion is needed throughout the year.

Eat Green Veggies

Winter comes with its sack full of gifts for us and one of them is the wide range of green vegetables. Fresh veggies are great for our body and immune system altogether. So, have them generously on your palette and consume.

Follow Safety Measures

To avoid the common cold and flu in winter, keep wearing a sweater and other woolen items as per your need. Have hot milk or cardamom tea at the right hours. And please follow the new normal guidelines to ensure your own and others’ safety.

You can also write me back if you have any suggestion in this regard.

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