The Roar of the Mass has Confirmed CBI Probe for Sushant

The nation got itself united and asked for a proper enquiry about Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely and mysterious death. The united demand was so strong and effective that noticing all the angles, the Supreme Court has officially asked CBI to intervene.

On June 14th this year, the news of Sushant’s death broke like a wildfire. Fans were in shock and they still are. More than two months have passed and thousands of people have detected so many angles of the case with their own efforts to prove that it was not a mere case of suicide.

Even experts of other countries also pointed out so many important points that nobody can overlook. Not only the fans of SSR but a lot of prominent names from the Mumbai film industry were vocal from the first day to get the late actor justice. Many eminent names from the film fraternity surfaced over the course as responsible for the death of the “Chichore” actor.

Many people has also asked for a proper explanation Disha Salian’s untimely and mysterious death also. Disha, who worked as Sushant’s manager for a few days, died a few days before Sushant. Fans and friends of Sushant are suspecting foul play and a hint of link between these two death cases.

Both Mumbai and Bihar Police have done their bit to solve the said case. However, the case has finally gone to CBI. Now, it is time for us to pray for a speedy enquiry. We will be waiting to see the late actor getting justice. Only then we will think of our united move to be fruitful.

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