Surponokhar Agomon, My Directorial Take is on Its Way

Ramayana, one of the Indian epics that we have been reading and listening since our childhood, has been a favorite to us. However, its stature is so vast that we fail to learn the whole of the epic.

One of the most poignant parts of Ramayana is the encounter of Surponokha with the protagonist trio of the epic saga. Surponokha, the daughter of Rishi Vishrabha and Kaikeshi, and most importantly, sister of King Ravana expressed her love for Ram. But Ram refused her proposal and sent her to his younger brother Lakshman. Lakshman too refused her proposal. This angered Surponokha and she tried killing Sita. Lakshman then cut off her nose using his sword.

Almost all of us know this part of the story and consider Surponokha as a negative character. But we often forget her as a character who never got a chance to defend herself.

Based on this part of the Ramayana, I am bringing “Surponokhar Agomon” with a contemporary backdrop. And this marks the beginning of my directorial journey as well. Without any known face or professional actors of the industry, I have included local people of Purulia’s Santal community as the protagonists for this venture. Twenty Chau artists have also performed in this movie.

Technical director Pratik Das and Screenplay and dialogue writer Chandrodoy Pal have done their best for the film. Edited by Sourav Mondol, Surponokhar Agomon’s music has been done by eminent folk music artist Abhijit Acharya.

The whole shooting has been done in the picturesque locations of Purulia. The film will be released soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed to get feedback from my viewers.

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