Reasons I Try to Rescue and Adopt Dogs

People, who follow my works and my social media platforms, must have noticed that recently, I rescued and adopted two puppies from the streets. I was in my Purulia farmhouse a few months back. One morning, I found two little puppies near my property. They were not at all looking healthy, rather skinny. I searched for the mother dog but could not find one. So, I just picked them up to my home and named them Chalk and Board. Now the question may arise, why did I do it?

First of all, I am a dog lover. That is the first reason the little puppies caught my attention. But the other reason behind adopting them is bigger. I am a believer of humanity and feel it is a responsibility of the privileged to reach out to the needy. These little souls would have died in a few days if I did not adopt them.

Secondly, people often tend to buy foreign breed dogs to keep as pets. In my house also, I have a few of them. However, we must not forget that, the stray dogs that we find in the streets can be wonderful pets too. And they also deserve equal love and care that the foreign breed dogs generally receive.

As a strong believer of God, I always feel that the ultimate mantra of life is compassion. A little love, a little care and a gentle touch are what an unfortunate soul asks for. If we all do our bit, we can definitely find a better world altogether.

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