Reasons I Support and Encourage Organic Farming

Organic farming is a serious business. It had and still has a great future for people who practice it.

Organic farming is nothing but harvesting crops, vegetables, and raising dairy animals following natural methods only.

Before World War 2, the said process of farming was regular to farmers. After the war, the scenario got changed. People started applying harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and various types of pesticides on fields to get rapid results.

Not only the crops but farm animals also came under the care of unnatural substances. Growth hormones and antibiotics were introduced to acquire more milk and other byproducts faster.

But knowingly or unknowingly, they harmed the crop fields, farm animals, and also the local eco-system. But thankfully, the interest of people towards organic farming is growing noticeably.

I  inclined towards farming organically. I feel an earthly connection with the whole process. It lets me feel connected with nature and the results of it always soothe my senses.

Currently, I am taking care of my farm that is based in Purulia district. Here, my farming team produces various kinds of vegetables and fruits following natural procedures only. Both seasonal and regular vegetables get produced by a lot of care.

We have cows too on the farm. They are sources of pure milk. And to offer the farm a happy quotient, we have some dogs here that I adopted.

I love spending time here as organic farming is something truly close to my heart. In my next article, I will try to elaborate on the benefits of organic farming.

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