My Durga Puja 2020 in Purulia

I am a person who is totally urban in every sense possible. However, there is always a slice of heart inside me that craves to be in the peace of village areas. Luckily enough, I have my organic farm in Purulia.

Not only is the business that pulls me here time to time, but it is the peaceful environment of the place that lets me unwind here. Purulia is a district full of versatile natural characteristics that never disappoints me.

The raw texture of its soil, the bumpy surfaces and stone filled zones create a magical surrounding altogether. And it is the people of Purulia who made a great bond with me.

To share the joy and fun Bengal’s biggest festival with these people, I organised Durga puja here this year. Sad but true, a major part of the people of Purulia is financially weak. The festival made them happy to the core and the laughter I saw on their faces was priceless.

Following all the rituals, our Durga puja took place. We had to maintain each and every rule accordingly to follow the new normal format too. But that never became a barrier to anything related to tge occasion.

Not only did we worship our very own goddess but we enjoyed every bit of the festivity. It was indeed the feeling of togetherness that made me feel joyous to the fullest. I have spent the days of this festivals in so many eminent places, but the joy and happiness I found in Purulia is truly matchless.

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