My Directorial Debut and Some Stories of Them

I am an actor professionally but I consider myself a human being first. And I am happy that I haven’t kept myself into acting only, rather I keep on searching for the other areas where I can prove myself.

This is why I have engaged myself in fields like organic farming and fitness activities. My philanthropic activities are also there that let me reach to those who feel left out in society.

Recently I have started filming a new movie and it is my directorial as well. Super excited. Currently, I am shooting the movie “Surponokhar Agaman” in Purulia.

The movie will always be the closest to my heart not because it is my first directorial venture. In this movie, I have included a lot of local people in the district. They have enriched the cast in the best way possible.

The story of the movie orients around female characters. This is why the lineup of female actors has multiple women from the district.

Because of the pandemic situation, the famous Chau dancers of Purulia did not get shows this year which they consider as their main source of income. In the movie, I have showcased them too.

Though the movie is a commercial venture, somehow, it is playing the role of a platform for the needy. It can also be compared to a bridge to support women’s empowerment.

We are all sensitive and this is why we feel for others. I am doing my bit through my work to stand by the people who need help. You can also do your bit. Just go for it.

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