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If we take a deeper look, we can realize that the novel corona virus, the global pandemic has been haunting us for over a year. Millions of positive cases, so much of losses, be it economical, political, social and even personal. This is a tough time and we all are struggling our way of it. People lost their jobs, their homes and even their loved ones to the virus. But it cannot be denied that the lock-down that happened in March 2020 and it’s after effects that still quite prevalent, did taught us which we failed to identify in our normal busy life. The stagnant threw light to a lot of factors that remained unnoticed until now. In between the rat race and our efforts to be “enough”, in the eyes of the society has made us behave like robots. We have been working in autopilot, unnerved to the stimulation and defying our emotional dilemma, only to lose something we don’t even consider lost… happiness.

It is said, sacrifices and compromises are part of our lives but is it worth sacrificing and compromising for the sake of keeping the peace among ourselves? Don’t we all want to bring the back the joy we used to harbor in our innocent hearts? The new project that the team of Just studio and I are currently working on is a web-series, titled, “Happiness House”.

Happiness house aims to bring about the change that we all want in the real world. The happiness that we lost and the love that turned bitter is all about to be back with our new web-series, where your heart’s desires will be fulfilled within 24 hours. A fictional comedy which amalgams itself with the reality the hopes to creates joy and laughter among its viewers

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