Acting has been my passion always. And during my career in the film industry, I have realized the importance and role of a Producer in the success of a film. As only the Producer can motivate a crew to create a good film both with enthusiasm and support. That’s when I chose to become a Producer. My intention is simple – “Produce Good Cinema”.
Films that would stand out in the world of cinema and will survive the test of time. As an Actor, I could only do justice to the character but now I have a greater responsibility towards cinema. And, I am determined.

My first feature film Purbo Poschim Dokkhin Uttor Ashbei, was released on November last year. The genre of the film is Spiritual Thriller, which is quite unique and new in the industry. This film has received appreciation from the film fraternity. The film has been awarded in the ‘Best Film’ category of Kalakar Awards 2020. In the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category, this film has received an Award in the Telangana Bengali Film Festival. PPDUA go selected in many film festivals like Jaipur International Film Festival 2020 (JIFF) and others. Also I have received an prestigious award in the Times Business Awards 2020, as the ‘Times Best Emerging Young Producer’. Gearing up for more projects in the coming days.

In 2019 Just Studio (my Film Production Company), has come up with other creative segments like Just Shorts, Just Tunes , Just Spirits.
Just Shorts aim to narrate stories of life and people into a small duration film. A series of six episodes of ‘Secret Super Humans’ already been broadcasted and got appreciation.Just Tunes provide city musicians with a platform to promote their music. It also aim to bring the best musicians of the city under one roof to give audience extravagant music experience. One of the Audio-Visual projects of Just Tunes is the National Anthem of India ‘Jana Gana Mana’ ,which is sung by the Bauls & is composed with the traditional instruments of Bengal for the first time. Just Spirits is our another platform, where you report paranormal activities, or any kind of sudden or prolonged inexplicable negative occurrences in your life. We investigate your condition & guide you to our faculty of healers. Everyday Just Studio is trying to bring out something innovative.

Spreading smiles on the faces of those who really need it, is what make me happier. Be it the lone elderly women in the Old Age Home or the underprivileged children staying in the slums. I wish to stand with the people and believe no obstructions, whether it’s economical, physical or emotional can prevent one from going on in the way of life.

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